Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%
Additional terms Commissions are paid on sales of SCULPTURA Fashions Dresses Only! No commissions are paid on Accessories (Body Sculpting Tools).

is the first [sculpt-it-your-way] shapewear clothing line.

What's the Secret?
It's our "do-it all" body shaper and removable curve enhancing accessories that are built-in for ultra contouring. 

SCULPTURA® offers the only all-in-one contouring and shaping dress with patented "Body Sculpting Technology and Tools" that can fix figure issues whether you’re hour glass, straight or just curvy.  

Love What You Do!
Does your store, website or social media platform(s) attract fashion lovers and discerning individuals who insist on smart, sophisticated, executive quality fashions? If so, we welcome you to join the SCULPTURA® Fashions Affiliate Program!
Each time you direct a visitor to our website ( and they make a purchase within 30 days of their visit, you earn at least a 10% commission on that order.* It's that easy and it’s free to join!
Once accepted, simply add your exclusive affiliate link to your social media pages/posts, website, blog, or email promotion and start earning!
PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT OUR CREATIVES (we have 2 categories)! If need anything, just ask and we will do our best to get you whatever you need to make your posts FABULOUS.  

The SCULPTURA® Fashions Affiliate Program has some fantastic perks: 

▪ Earn a competitive 10% commission or more on the sale of every SCULPTURA® Fashions [Sculpt-It-Your-Way] Shapewear Dress or Gift Card, if available ▪ Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships and offers with  SCULPTURA® Fashions
▪ A range of fresh and exciting banners
▪ Cookie length of 30 days*
▪ Tracking your results and optimizing your activity to maximize your revenue

*This is the average cookie period: however, this may vary depending on your website's functionality.

Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions comprise a legal agreement between SCULPTURA® Fashions and you ("Affiliate"). By signing up to be an affiliate in the SCULPTURA® Fashions Affiliate Program ("program") you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please ensure that you read them carefully before signing up.


“Program” - The affiliate program as set out on the Site and is governed by this Agreement
“Agreement” - the contents of the contract between SCULPTURA® Fashions and the Affiliate in respect to the Program
“Link” - a HTML link provided to the Affiliate to connect the Affiliate's digital media platforms and assets to the Site
“Affiliate” - Party who agrees to take part in the Program
“Site” - website

1. The Agreement

a.) An Affiliate must provide full legal name, valid address, e-mail address and any other information requested in order to create an Affiliate account.
b.) An Affiliate must have a valid PayPal address to receive commission payments and include this on their profile during registration.
c.) SCULPTURA® Fashions reserves the right to update and change the Terms from time to time without notice.
d.) Any modifications or changes to the Program shall be subject to these terms.
e.) You may not use the Program for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.
f.) Violation of these terms and conditions may result in suspension or termination of your rights to be an Affiliate and result in lost commissions and/or removal from the Program.

2. Modification of SCULPTURA® Fashions affiliate program terms and conditions

SCULPTURA® Fashions reserves the right to modify or otherwise change the terms of the agreement at any time. In the case of any modifications of the terms and conditions in this agreement, it is up to the affiliate to stay updated on the terms of this agreement as SCULPTURA® Fashions may change terms without notice from time to time. If the affiliate doesn't accept any modification, the affiliates option is to end the agreement.

3. Affiliate account

In order to enter the SCULPTURA® Fashions Affiliate Program (Provided by Refersion), the affiliate needs to create a log-in and password. From this account the affiliate is able to track and view sales, and receive commission payments.

4. Legitimate methods of advertising

a.) Affiliates are permitted to use links, discount codes, any related banners, or text advertisements provided by SCULPTURA® Fashions Affiliate program.
b.) Affiliates are not permitted to promote any non-affiliate program related materials, such as coupon codes provided in customer newsletters, codes provided to other affiliates, any promotional codes, or codes received from any source other than directly from the SCULPTURA® Fashions affiliate program.
c.) The promotion should include the offer, discount code, if any, and link provided by SCULPTURA® Fashions affiliate program. 
d.) Affiliates must remove invalid codes and banners.
e.) Affiliates are permitted to promote their coupon code and link on their personal social media platforms only and must not share this information on any SCULPTURA® Fashions social pages.
f.) Affiliate coupon codes and links are not to be promoted on third party websites such as coupon databases.
g.) Any sales that have been generated through improper promotion, will result in loss of commission.
h.) Affiliates may not advertise any other brand of Figure Enhancing Dresses while enrolled in the SCULPTURA® Fashions affiliate program. Should the affiliate wish to advertise another brand of Figure Enhancing Dresses, the affiliate is responsible for ending the partnership with SCULPTURA® Fashions by sending an e-mail. Should SCULPTURA® Fashions find that the affiliate is promoting another brand of Figure Enhancing Dresses, during the Affiliate term with SCULPTURA® Fashions without receiving prior notification by e-mail, this may result in suspension or termination of your rights to be an Affiliate and result in lost commissions and/or removal from the Program.
i.) SCULPTURA® Fashions reserves the right to take legal action against Affiliate that commits fraud.

5. Payments

a.) Affiliates receive a commission for sending authorized sales via links provided by SCULPTURA® Fashions Affiliate Program. The customer must make a purchase by clicking the link on affiliate's website within 30 days of the initial click-through.
b.) The commission is based on product that is sold. Payments are made once an affiliate reaches minimum of $50 of commissions required for a payout. 
c.) The commission structure applies to all of SCULPTURA® Fashions products unless otherwise stated.
d.) Payout rates may be changed and they can be viewed by logging into affiliate's account.
e.) It is affiliates responsibility to determine if the payout for the link provided has been discontinued.
f.) Refunded payments do not qualify for commission fee.
g.) The commission is paid only on links that can be tracked and reported by SCULPTURA® Fashions affiliate program systems. In order for systems to track the referral, the customer must have cookies enabled.

6. SCULPTURA® Fashions Obligations

SCULPTURA® Fashions agrees to undertake the following obligations:

a.) Providing the affiliate with promotional material, such as links, coupon codes, banners and any other graphic materials.
b.) Payment processing, cancellations, returns and other related customer service for SCULPTURA® Fashions for the purpose of business.
c.) Tracking the amount of sales generated through the affiliate’s’ link and all social media content via tags and mentions.
d.) Processing all orders for SCULPTURA® Fashions products placed by following the affiliate's link.

7. Copyrighted material

Affiliate is responsible for ensuring that product descriptions and images comply with all applicable copyright, trademark, data protection, any intellectual property right or any other applicable law. SCULPTURA® Fashions will not be responsible if an affiliate uses another party's copyrighted material in violation of law.

8. Affiliate Obligations

a.) It is suggested that affiliates post on their social media platforms on at least a monthly basis the following content: minimum 1 Instagram and Facebook story (2+ frames) or minimum 1 in-feed post.
b.) Each post must contain the Sculptura Fashions tag (@Sculptura.Fashions on Instagram) on the photo and in the caption, plus the hashtag #SculpturaFashions, in order for SCULPTURA® Fashions to track all content created.
c.) Affiliate must be following @Sculptura.Fashions on Instagram and Sculptura Fashions on Facebook..
d.) Failure to follow affiliate obligations may result in affiliate content being overlooked and potential removal from the program.
e.) If affiliates are unable to complete content, they may contact the SCULPTURA Fashions affiliate manager for assistance and provide reasoning.
f.) Affiliate removal will take place if affiliate fails to oblige with content requirements set forth in this agreement.

9. The License

a.) SCULPTURA® Fashions can use content created on social media platforms, website, ads. Affiliate will always be credited.
b.) SCULPTURA® Fashions grants to the Affiliate a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable right to access SCULPTURA® Fashions site though the link in accordance with the terms of this agreement and in connection with the promotional materials provided and authorized by SCULPTURA® Fashions.
c.) Both parties agrees not to use other's materials in any manner that is misleading, disparaging or in any way portrays the party in a negative light.
d.) Affiliates cannot modify or change any materials provided by SCULPTURA® Fashions in any way.
e.) Any inappropriate use of the promotional material may be cause for immediate termination of the agreement.

10. Liability

SCULPTURA® Fashions will not be liable to the Affiliate for the defects in the service, interruptions in the accessibility to the service, loss of data on the information handling system or viruses, loss of profits, loss caused by any third party deleting, removing, deactivating or tampering with the Affiliate tracking service or other consequential loss of whether arising from neglect or breach of contract.

11. Termination

The term of the agreement starts upon SCULPTURA® Fashions affiliate program acceptance of affiliate's application and can be terminated by either party. Affiliation can be ended with or without cause at any time, by giving the other party notice of termination in the form of e-mail. Upon the termination of the agreement, the affiliate will remove all links to SCULPTURA® Fashions website, as well as all banners and graphic images provided under the Program.

12. Legal Fees

Sections 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 of this Agreement shall survive termination or suspension and if Affiliate intentionally violates and provisions hereof after termination or suspension, Affiliate will be liable to pay SCULPTURA® Fashions legal fees and costs associated in enforcing this Agreement or if injunctive relief is sought.